Forms   Odoo app 

The open source Form Builder for  Odoo  

For backend, portal, website and embedded forms

with a simple and powerful API (backend <=> frontend)

Collect and integrate any inform​ation you need for your business.

Form Builder

Drag & drop and configure form components / fields

The simplest way to create beautiful and advanced forms.

Powerful features and integration possibilities by additional modules and also with Odoo apps and the framework.

In the Website Editor 

Drag & drop a form on a website or portal page

3 easy steps:
  1. Build the form in the form builder.
  2. Drag & drop the Form snippet on the website or portal page.
  3. Choose the form.

Load and Change API

Prepopulate (load) form components*

Change values of form components*

* e.g: textfields, number, date/datetime, radio, checkboxes, datagrid and editgird rows etc.

Fetch, filter (domain API) and load data / records

into select and checkbox components choices / options, by backend (Python) programming and APIs.

Styling / Theming

Style Forms with (custom and re-usable) CSS and images in the Form Builder

Some other features


  • Form Builders and Forms are multilingual.
  • Language-switch buttons are automatically available in the form and form builder.
  • Manage custom translations (e.g. labels, select choices, buttons, error messages) in the Form Builder.
  • The default language is determined and automatically determined / set by: website → logged in (portal) user.
  • If the website is enabled, the language (translations) also react upon the website language-switch.

JSON data

  • Form Builders and Forms submissions are stored as JSON data.
  • The Forms App got you covered with Odoo database upgrades / migrations.

    Upgrading an Odoo database doesn't require to migrate the Form Builders and Forms submissions data. Also the translations and theming won't be affected.


The integration possibilities are almost unlimited:

  • Integrate Forms with other Odoo apps (modules), for example: CRM, Helpdesk, ERP, Sales, HR, shop, e-commerce, website
  • Process Form submissions to integrate the form data with any requirement, e.g. create / update records, execute record actions / methods etc.
  • Visit the other Forms modules in the Odoo Apps Store, to get a basic idea of configurable and integration modules.
Compatible with Enterprise and Community
Works on

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7,000+ downloads and 40+ Five-Star ratings.

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Questions & Answers
Who is behind the Forms app?

The Odoo Forms app is proudly provided by Nova Code, an Odoo consultancy and development company from The Netherlands.

We train and help our customers with the Odoo Forms app related questions and implementations.

The base Odoo Forms app (module) and many additional modules are free and open source (LGPL-3 licensed) software.

In return, every form includes a "Made with Nova Forms" badge, helping us to promote, maintain and improve the software, community and documentation.

You can remove our branding by purchasing a license priced per year and domain name.

We understand that some users and companies require advanced features to enhance their forms. Enter the premium modules with a fixed price to fully customize, integrate forms and more.

Nova Code is only the provider of the forms software (Odoo modules), and not the owner and responsible party for: (1) hosting the software, (2) collection and processing of the form responses.

In case of forms containing personal data, respondents have the right to access their personal data or to request it to be removed. Inform them. Provide them with a way to do so, this can be as simple as sharing an email address that respondents can send their request to.